No Batteries Required.


September 17, 2010 by Janna Roznos

My sewing machine is back!

It had been in the repair depot since the beginning of August.  Of course, I have three other sewing machines so it is not as if I haven’t been able to sew these last few weeks.

Also, my watch is now in for repair – a four week estimate! Ugh!  I do have another watch but geez . . . . four weeks!  I can read the time from my cell phone but I am of the ‘got-to-wear-a-watch’ generation and I feel sort of undressed without a watch on my wrist.

But back to sewing, I have been working on a few projects:

I did finish a hat from Vogue V8681.

I guess it is okay. I am not so thrilled with it, but who knows maybe I will like it later.

I am almost completed with Butterick B5365.

 Of course, now that my sewing machine is back I will do the buttonholes.

 I have decided to use some antique buttons that I have in my stash – which I hadn’t used on another blouse.

I also need to do the hem for these pants and add the belt loops. 

And finally, my only tomato plant.

This is an heirloom tomato of unknown pedigree.  My brother got it from a friend of his and since my brother doesn’t like ‘homegrown’ vegetables or fruit for that matter, he gave me the plant.

The tomatos are delicious. I am only sorry that I have only one plant this year.  Got to plan better and plant more plants next year.


One thought on “No Batteries Required.

  1. Karin says:

    It’s lovely to be reunited with your sewing machine! I got used to wearing no watch when I had my baby (my watch kept scraping them.) So now I swan around with no concept of time. Drives my dear husband crazy, lol. I thought everyone loved home grown tomatoes.

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