Vogue 7700 Finished Blouse.


August 5, 2010 by Janna Roznos

My finished blouse.

I used Vogue pattern 7700 however, I altered the back by adding a yoke, which I cut on the bias and I added one of those little hanging loops on the back too.  I cut the back piece larger so I have a back pleat.  The blouse has dropped shoulders, which I usually don’t like but I plan on wearing this blouse over a T-shirt – sort of like a light weight jacket.

Also, rather than using  a rolled hem foot for the bottom hem I used this fusible basting thread.

This makes the hemming go quickly.  I also used the ‘paper towel’ technique for the button holes.  One of my friends (from the Tailoring Class I take) showed  me this technique. 

Just slip a paper towel under the garment before sewing the button hole.  Then once done the paper towel just tears off.  There is a little bit of paper left in the button hole but after a few washings it is gone.  I suppose you could use a bit of tear away stabilizer – But come on! At 2:00 am when you are trying to get a garment done and you don’t have any tear away stabilzer . . .what are you going to do?  Hey! I live outside of LA where you can pretty much get anything at anytime of day or night, but so far there aren’t any 24 hour fabric stores! So I use paper towels for button holes. I know. I know. What we do for sewing!


One thought on “Vogue 7700 Finished Blouse.

  1. KC says:

    Beautifully done. I love the colors!

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