Wearable Art Contest – Pattern Review Entry

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June 30, 2010 by Janna Roznos

Here is my garment I made for the Wearable Art Contest on Pattern Review.com

This is a two piece outfit (vest and shorts). 

The vest:

The collar on the vest is kimono fabric from Ah! Kimono.

I used fish butons with kimono fabric covered mouse tail (cording) for the loops.

I accented the armscye and the collar edge with a sashiko running (straight) stitch.

I also embroidered a butterfly on the back of the vest with the sashiko running stitch.

I used a cotton ‘quilt’ fabric for the lining.

I altered the back of the vest to have a  ‘v’ shape.

Now for the shorts, I used linen – look fabric from Joann’s.  First a picture of the completed shorts with the contoured waistband – that fits great.

I used kimono fabric for the welt pockets.  The turtle buttons are from Fabric Mart in Honolulu, HI.

My label that I sew into all the clothes that  I make for myself.

And the very last picture of this endeavor is  . . .

My cats – Fitzwilliam and Darby II.  Sorry no pictures of me wearing this new outfit.  I’m here by myself and I haven’t figured out the timer on the camera yet.  I know, it is probably not all that difficult – I mean, if I can sew I should be able to figure out the camera  . . .  Thanks for stopping by.


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