Vogue 8454 – Stalled in Progress

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June 17, 2010 by Janna Roznos

Another project I started but haven’t quite finished is Vogue 8454. 

I decided to make this a vest rather than a jacket.  I moved the darts from the side seam (where they were pointing to no particular place) to the armscye.

I made just two muslins – thinking this would be fine.  I felt I had a good fit.

I chose my fabrics.

The grey gabardine is from my stash (via B. Black and Sons in LA) and the kimono fabric is from AH! Kimono. 

But once I sewed up the vest, I discovered that I made the armscye much too small.  So, I thread traced the new armscye and now must transfer these marks to the other side and then – very carefully – trim the excess from the garment.  (Note to self: Must find sharp scissors!)

In retrospect, I should have made yet another muslin to verify the fit, but I was impatient (I hate doing muslins) and I wanted to get to the fashion fabric.  (Note to self: A little pre-planning goes a long way!)   

I do like the style of this pattern  and I think this vest will be perfect this summer when a blazer is just too hot to wear. So, back to the Sewing Cave  for me. (DH’s nickname for my sewing room).


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