When a good project goes wrong . . .


May 23, 2010 by Janna Roznos


I recently tried to make the Little Black Sewing Bag as illustrated in the latest Threads Magazine (July 2010 No. 149).  I failed. 

Not sure what I did wrong but it is definitely a wadder!  I ended up throwing the whole thing away and put the Threads Magazine back on the shelf and then I went for a walk. 

Sometimes sewing is just TOO much.  It is the little things in life that usually trip me up – like The  Little Black Sewing Bag.


One thought on “When a good project goes wrong . . .

  1. marcia says:


    I read your blog and you definitely have talent. About the retraining for a new job. Have you considered fashion at a local community college. The cost is right. I am fashion teacher at a community college and I have lots of 30-50 year old students. We also get requests from businesses for interns, which often lead to employment. I also teach tailoring, so I was wondering which class you were referring to in your blog. I would love to know and please consider the fashion career, I think you would love it.

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