No sewing for me!

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March 31, 2010 by Janna Roznos

We have returned from Utah.  A few calamities but it was snow skiing – lucky we had no broken bones!

Now, I am redecorating the bedroom, which requires sanding all the walls (we live in an old house with plaster walls that need a little TLC), sealing all the walls with a vapor control primer – in other words, oil base primer which is STINKY!   And, finally paint and wallpaper.  After lots of discussion (but no arguing) we decided on a wallpaper, which I will order today, and then wait for its arrival and I can get back to sewing! Yeah!

Sanding the walls.  My cat, Darby, has to be right in the action – no matter what.  She is my shadow.

Ready for to paint the walls and ceiling with primer.  It took us about three days to accomplish just this.  Most of it was prep work.  The oil base primer has a very slow dry time and the room needed three coats so it ended up about one coat a day.  A lot of work – but it will be great once we are done.


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