Working with Knits


March 5, 2010 by Janna Roznos

I haven’t written for several months – once again life has gotten in the way of sewing.  I have several sewing projects going on (of course!) but the one that I feel I have gained a modicurm of sucess is learning to sew with knits. One of my ‘knit fabric’ projects was this skirt:

This is a really easy skirt. My only significant change was adding side seam pockets.

I have worn it several times and it’s is very comfortable.  The fabric is a micro knits (in the days of Home Ec we called this simply polyester) from Marcy Tilton’s on-line store.

Keeping with the ‘got to learn to sew with knits’ mantra, I made two T-shirts from this pattern:

Both tops are fine -fit is good- but I am going to re-draft the sleeve pattern and making it a little tighter around my wrist.  These tops have more of a bell style sleeve. Had to really pay attention to pattern placement on this ‘blue’ one.

Ironically, the dress form is very ‘busty’ but I ‘m not.  The tops (and the skirt) do fit me better then on the dress form.

For this next one, I used a double layer in the front since the fabric is a stretchy mesh.  I altered the pattern so I had a fold line at the hem, then I basted the two fronts together at the neckline and armscye and treated it as one.

There are some weird drag lines at the neck and one sleeve is crumbled.  This mesh fabric is very clingy especially on the fabric covered dress form.  Not the best picture, but at least you can see it completed.  Now I am moving forward and sewing some more T-shirts. Wish me luck!


One thought on “Working with Knits

  1. annette says:

    Love that green skirt! I have a micro knit in my stash, and now I know what to make!!

    A really striking skirt!!! Super look!

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