Vogue 8600 – Jacket

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December 10, 2009 by Janna Roznos

I finished this jacket-sewed it in a corduroy with snap closures.  At first, I wasn’t really pleased with it, but I wore for a day and I do really like it.  I might even make it again but in a lighter weight fabric for spring.  It is a nice jacket to wear with just a T-shirt underneath.

I made up a muslin first that fit pretty well.  This is a tight fitting jacket with a large collar (which really adds to the whole look).

The jacket is unlined, so I just used a Hong Kong finish for the fabric edges ( I don’t own a serger).  For the bias I used cotton scraps that I had – normally, I would use silk organza, but I didn’t have enough and I really didn’t have the time to drive downtown (LA- fabric district) and pick some up.

Initially, I had planned on using piping (in contrasting corduroy) along the bottom edge between the jacket and the bottom band, but it was just too stiff so I took it out.  The only piping I did use was between the sleeves and the cuffs.

Of course, as with all sewing projects (at least with my sewing projects) I needed to look a few things up, like how to sew on the snaps.

This came from a Kenneth King article entitled, Master the Hand Stitch #2, in Threads, Vol.136, May 2008, p. 66. However, in the end, I just wanted to get this done so I didn’t really following the article – but it is nice to know there is a reference (maybe my next jacket I will follow this?!).

And of course, I had LOTS of assistance in making this jacket, too:

My cat, Darby, who finds  sewing  SO tiring for the her that she had to take a nap.  And, my other cat, Fitzwilliam, had to check out the fit eventhough I wasn’t done yet, as you can see. The last snap still is not completely sewed on.

For my next project?  Not sure yet.  Perhaps my cats have a suggestion!


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