Another new blouse!

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November 11, 2009 by Janna Roznos

For the upcoming holidays I need some new clothes, so I have been working on some blouses to wear and this is one I just finished. 

blouse 2

Butterick B0468/B5300

 Of course, if you pull this pattern it doesn’t look like this.  I added the collar and the sleeve ruffles.  The fabric is from Michael Levine’s Loft in LA.  I think it was $2 for the whole bit I bought.  In order to make the ruffles, I used the directions in Roberta Carr’s book, Couture: The Art of Sewing (ISBN 0-935278-28-1).  Since the ruffles are all cut on the bias it is very difficult to make a rolled hem, so I improvised and used what we used to call a ‘baby hem’.  In order to get the fabric ‘stiff’ enough for me to sew and press I ‘painted’ Pefect Sew’ on the edges and let it dry.

ps 2

Perfect Sew

I then stitched around the circumference of the ruffle and then pressed and sewed again.  Probably not the best instructions; however, the ‘baby hem’ is demonstrated in lots of sewing books.

pinned collar edge

And, thus I have a new blouse.  The buttons are from my stash.  Once completed I just hand washed the Perfect Sew from the blouse.  The fabric was difficult to work with, but I like how the blouse turned out and I am sure I will wear it many, many times.

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