The Sewing Workshop – Trio T-Shirt, Top & Pants

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October 19, 2009 by Janna Roznos

I have finally finished the Trio pattern.  I purchased this and some of the fabric at the ASG Conference in New Mexico.

Trio T-Shirt, Top & Pants

Trio T-Shirt, Top & Pants

The fabric for the top is from the  Project Sewing Workshop and is linen.  Ugh! It was really difficult to work with.  Also, it does not launder well – as you can see, it needs a good pressing.  The buttons came from my stash.  It is a cute top – sort of a lightweight jacket.

Trio Top and the Trio T-shirt

Trio Top and the Trio T-shirt

Would I make this top again?  Not sure yet.  I think I need to wear it a bit before I retire the pattern.  The T-Shirt pattern is really nice.  Fits well, too.  It has raglan sleeves, which I usually don’t  like because of my rounded back, but this pattern was (or is) well drafted.  Had some problems with the neck edge.  The pattern had some odd measurements, but I consulted my Easy Sewing Guide to Sewing Tops & T-Shirts, by Marcy Tilton, and I was able to get the neck edge.  The fabric is some I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics some time ago.  The pattern is a little too loud for me, but I do like the T-Shirt and I really like the weight of this knit, unfortunately I have no idea what the fabric is.

Trio T-Shirt

Trio T-Shirt

And finally the pants,  they fit really well.  I made size medium and the length and the sizing is perfect.  So what’s wrong?  They are cute, but I don’t think I would make them again.  They’re a sort of ‘cargo’ pant style.  I took a class on pants from Linda Lee (who wrote/designed this pattern) at the ASG Conference.  Her lecture was all about drape of pant fabric.   If the fabric has a really good drape then the pants will be slimming (she wrote a Threads Magazine article about this, too).  I felt the fabric I used (some from my stash) had  nice ‘slimming ‘ drape, however, this style of pant has this big pocket at the bottom and so the pants seem too heavy at the ankles – making me look shorter than I am.  I did add some side pockets and I do like the waist band treatment.  Would I make the pants again, no.

Sewing Workshop Trio T-Shirt, Top & Pants

Sewing Workshop Trio T-Shirt, Top & Pants


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