ASG Creative Contest Outfit – Simplicity 2958

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June 19, 2009 by Janna Roznos

Simplicity 2958I have ‘lots’ of items to ‘blog’ about, but rather than just dumping it all at once, I will take it one-step-at-a-time.  First off: Simplicity 2958 is the pattern I chose for the American Sewing Guild Creativity Contest.  I didn’t place, but they did ask to ‘see’ the outfit. So, I sent it to New York to the Simplicity office.  It was sent back with no comment – I guess they didn’t like it.  For a sewer like me – mosty self taught- with lots of classes under her ‘sewing belt’ I feel that Idid pretty good if they wanted to see it.

I changed the pattern, too.  First I eliminated the sleeve seam (it as a two piece seam) and made the seam into a very large dart.  This was a little tricky, but actually worked really well and I think gave a better fit, too.

sleeve 3

 I also added bias cuffs and a bias band at the bottom of the jacket, too.

bias cuffThe dress I used a hand-picked zipper and I moved the darts, deleted the pockets – ugh – they were right on my tummy – Who needs a pocket there?!  Now, that I have received my dress back I can REALLY state what  I think about this pattern – ugh!  I would have passed it over if it hadn’t been designated for the ASG Creativity Contest.  Since this is the ONLY chance I will have to go to an ASG conference I decided to participate as in as many things as I could.  I think if ASG and Simplicity want to encourage new sewers they should really update their view on these patterns.


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