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May 29, 2009 by Janna Roznos

Today I send off my outfit for the ASG Creativity Contest.  Once I receive the outfit back I will dutifully post it here (with lots of pictures) and review it on Pattern Review.

Simplicity 2958

The process for this contest is that you make the outfit as per the contest requirements and then send in a 300 word report with samples about the outfit you made.  If the selection committe is interested in it, then they ask you to send the completed outfit to them for review.  I really wasn’t expecting to get that call – but I did.  I am quite honored; however, I am also very apprehensive, too.  For me, sewing isn’t a goal – it is a process.  In sewing, I am ALWAYS learning – with each project I gain some improvement, but I am FAR from being an expert.  I truly enjoy the process of sewing an outfit.  Some clothes do turn out better then others, but in the end I love this hobby.  So entering a sewing ‘contest’ is a little stressful for me because I put all these “I-am-not-the-expert-sewer-I-wish-I-was” expectations on myself and I think it is the unknown about the  judges and the judging of my sewing that stresses me the most.  No one wants to be ridiculed by ‘The Seam Police’.  But, even with all that, I still went a head and entered this contest.  And, the next contest is the LA County Fair – entry forms due in June (I think).  Do I want to stress myself out for that, too.  Maybe? We shall see.


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