Where have I been?

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May 15, 2009 by Janna Roznos

I’ve been missing from my blog for many reasons, but mostly, I’ve been busy. I’ve dropped the ‘ball’ on time management and have been racing to meet deadlines – even us ‘volunteers’ have deadlines.  So here is a list of waht I have been doing since I last posted:

  • Gave a presentation to the  local Home Ec Club – the history of women’s underwear.
  • Been to Fillmore a.k.a. Heritage Valley for the day – making arrangements for my father’s 76th birthday bash.
  • Made a skirt for my niece – a hot, rad mini skirt (her words – not mine).
  • Modeled my creation and my niece modeled, too, in the Cypress College Adult Ed Fashion Show – I actually don’t like to do this, but the instructor is fantastic and I have learned so much from her.
  • Finished my report for the ASG Creativity Contest – of course, the outfit still needs the lining and I really am not pleased with how it turned out – more on that later.
  • Spent two days at a John Deer Adorable Ideas Seminar on digizing software – fascinating seminar, too.  I’m so glad I went.  It was worth every penny although the sewing machine dealer gave me the HARD sell to buy yet another machine!  I haven’t paid off the last embroidery machine I bought.
  • Been to an Angel game – I know NOTHING about baseball but love to people watch and, of course, eat kettle corn.
  • Filed my taxes – this year I goofed these up too.
  • Saw the new Star Trek movie at the IMAX – Wow! It was great!

So that is where I have been and what I have been doing.  Tires me out just thinking about it.


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