Cat Attack!

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March 21, 2009 by Janna Roznos

I wasn’t going to post ANYTHING about my cats, but I kept getting asked about them so here they are:

Darby IIThis is Darby II.  No matter what I lay out on my cutting table the cats like to roll all over it.  There are many flat comfortable surfaces through out the house, but my cutting table is the cat magnet!


This is my other cat, Fitzwilliam.  I was tracing off a Marfy pattern and he, of course, needed to help, too.


Fitzwilliam is the older of the two and is a certifiable lap cat.  He loves to curl up and sit in your lap and take a snooze.  Darby, on the other hand, doesn’t mind being petted, but would rather chase a mouse, look for spiders or leap from one piece of furniture to the other.  They were indoor/outdoor cats until a pack of coyotes made their home in our backyard – so now they are indoor cats.  It was a little adjustment for them to stay indoors (more for me then them) but we are all living harmously now – except when they walk across my computer keyboard.  And finally, after all is said and done.  The cats take a nap.



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