Exhausted! But successful!

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March 6, 2009 by Janna Roznos

I hate the feeling of having too many things to do and not enough time to do them.  I try to schedule my time so that I get ample rest, eat well and have the on-going opportunity to be creative – sewing!  However, this past month – February – has been a blur of requirments to get STUFF done; however, I did take a to day sewing workshop, which was a two hour drive (round trip from my house) on two of the rainest days of the year!  The class was a pressure cooker. What was the workshop, you may ask? It was learning to make bras!

My sewn bra

The class was sponsored by the ASG-Los Angeles Chapter and the instructors were Ann and Deb from Needlenook Fabrics of Kansas.  I was a dismal failure at this whole endeavor: Ann had to sew the last few steps of my bra since I did it wrong.  Believe me- my frustration level was HIGH!

But, I came home and cut and sewed another bra.  The second one took me probably a week to finish, but I got it done and most importantly: It fits!  This is the most comfortable bra to wear.  After putting my sewn bra on I hadn’t realized how uncomfortable store bought bras truly are.   I am eager to sew some more and if you ever have the opportunity to take this workshop- do it!  I had never sewn with these  stretchy fabrics before nor used these techniques, so I learned a lot.  Yes, the workshop was expensive $200 for ASG members, but for that price you get the pattern -customed fitted to you and enough material for three bras- is worth it.   Ann and Deb, of Needlenook Fabrics, won’t let you leave the workshop until one bra is done – so yes, I was the LAST person there.  But I wore my newly sewn bra home and have shown it to many fellow sewers encouraging them to step out of the box and try something new.  Ultimately, it was a great workshop. Look to the ASGLA website (ASGLA.org) for next year’s dates for the Bra Workshop.

My next project is a street banner for the city- I applied for the program and was accepted!  Although, at the time I applied I hadn’t realized how large the banners are!  I have some serious painting to do.  And, then once my banner is done – due to the city on March 13th – I will be on to my project for the ASG Creative Contest for the ASG Convention in July.


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