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February 2, 2009 by Janna Roznos

Lining for V8123I just finished yet another of my unfinished coats.  I finished it several days ago and I am just now posting it here.

Vogue 8123
Vogue 8123

Its Vogue8123, considered an ‘easy’ pattern, which doesn’t necessarly mean that I get them done faster.  I purchased the button at Michael Levine’s (downtown), but I broke the back of it, so I just sewed it on flat, so the button won’t go through the buttonhole.  Oh well!

My niece wore it and it was much too big, but she loved it and got several compliments on it.  She loved it because I used silk charmeuse for the lining, which I also purchased at Michael Levine. Yeah, there’s a trend here.  But the fabric for the coat I purchased at JoAnn’s.  Its a wool blend – probably.  I got it only because I was taking the last of my embroidery classes and I used the grand hoop embroidery on the back (I have the Creative Vision- Pfaff).
This is a picture of the back.  Everyone else in the class was making pillows – of couse, I had to be different and made the embroidery into a jacket.  I used a rayon thread that matched or almost matches the color of the jacket.
V8123- Embroidery on the Back
This pattern was very easy to fit, too.  I think because its the dolman sleeve.  I didn’t use shoulder pads either.  I wanted a sort of soft look to this jacket.  The sleeves are three quarter which are nice.  I like the 3/4 sleeve even though I’ve been admonished by a few ‘fashionista’s’ that 3/4 sleeves are on the way out, but I never really listened to others anyway.
The pattern doesn’t have a lining pattern so I drafted a seperate pattern, which isn’t to hard.  All in all I really like this one, but I don’t think I’ll make it again because I want to try other patterns – and boy! Do I have a lot of patterns to try!

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