Remington Steele

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January 17, 2009 by Janna Roznos

Remington Steele, courtesy of Wikapedia

Remington Steele, courtesy of Wikapedia

The TV show that launched Pierce Bronson to American audiences is now available for purchase on DVD; however, it has recently been showing on American Life TV. Watching the show again, I am struck with how really naive we all must have been in the 1980’s, but I am truly intriqued with the clothing. Remington Steele (Pierce Bronson) wears some striking suits – Were they off the rack or custom made?  Because his suits look like they were ‘bespoke’.   But, what I like best is Laura Holt’s (Stephanie Zimbalist) wardrobe. Yes, they have the trademark ‘linebacker’ shoulder pads. Her wardrobe is truly amazing. She doesn’t wear the ‘power suit’ per se (for those of us that hit the career path in the ’80’s you know the ‘power suit’) but her wardrobe is smart, elegant at times, and classic style. There are a few missteps regarding some clothing; however, over all I have really enjoyed getting reacquainted with this show if just for the wardrobe alone. On top of this, this show was filmed almost entirely in the LA area: lots of LA landmarks.  If you like vintage clothes, then watch this show.  I hate to admit that what we wore, or at least what I wore, in the ’80’s is now considered vintage.  But I love it!


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