My Coat of 100 Mistakes

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January 6, 2009 by Janna Roznos

Simplicity-3966It is done! I just picked my coat up from the dry cleaners and I can’t wait to wear it. I have christen it, ‘My Coat of 100 Mistakes’.  It has taken me about seven months to finish this coat and there are SO many mistakes in it – maybe 100 is a conservative guess.  I doubt Iwill be making another coat any time soon. How many coats does one need in sunny Southern California?  So, what did I learn by making this coat -a few highlights:

  • Underlining.  Yes, I should have underlined this fabric, which unraveled just by looking at it.
  • Extra wide seam allowances.  Okay, I made it with 5/8 ” as per the instructions, but with this fabric I should have used at least 1 ” since the fabric unraveled so well.
  • Bound Buttonholes. I should have had professional buttonholes made rather than the bound buttonholes- why? Once again the fabric was difficult to work with and the bound buttonholes were tricky and not as nice as I would like or should be. 

The fabric I purchased at Fabric Land (in Orange, CA).  The pattern is Simplicity 3966.  I think this pattern is out of print. Not sure, you would have to check on it.

My Coat of 100 Mistakes aka Simplicity 3966
















Of course, what would a coat be without some ‘fabo’ lining.  I normally use (in my blazers) silk charmeuse in some crazy pattern.  I know, all you professional tailors and my fellow tailoring students are now cringing – traditional tailoring requires a sedate color lining, but I love silk and fortunately for me, Michael Levines’ (downtown) has a ‘fabo’ selection of silk charmeuse.  But having said all that, I ended up using a polyester fabric for lining! Why? Well, I saw this at Journal Fabrics and just fell in love with it.

Lining for the Coat of 100 MistakesI used the not-so-right-side for the right side of the lining.  To bad I didn’t buy more and I could of made a dress, too.  Oh well, maybe next coat (in about ten years)!

So there it is. I have finished one of my many projects! 

Next week I will be going downtown and will be buying lining fabric (no doubt – silk charmeuse) for my three completed blazers that just need lining and buttons.  So stay tuned for me finishing some more projects and now, I’m going out. To where? Who knows- but I’m going to wear My Coat of 100 Mistakes!


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