Unfinished Sewing Projects

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December 22, 2008 by Janna Roznos

I know we all have unfinished sewing projects and for many reasons these projects gets set a side and the longer they sit the less likely we are to finish them. So for the New Year 2009, my goal is to either finish these projects or throw them out.

My first project is Vogue 8123. This is Vogue Easy Pattern. Wait, I mean it is a Very Easy Vogue pattern. So, since it is an ‘easy’ pattern, I should have it done, right?  Well, it is almost there. I just need to make the lining and sew on the button.  Of course, I need to make a lining pattern.

Vogue 8123

So, this is the first of unfinished projects, that I plan on completing in 2009.

Vogue 8123The fabric is from Joann’s and its a sort of felt-like wool. ( I know, odd description, but I forgot to write down the description on the end of the bolt).  I want to use a silk lining (probably silk charmeuse) which I’ll get once I go downtown again – hopefully after the holidays. I made this jacket specifically to show off my new embroidery machine.  I ‘ve been taking the guide classes and instead of making yet another pillow I thought why not put the embroidery on the back.  Of course, no snap of it yet. I will once  I get it done.






Another Unfinished project is this wool coat. long-coat It is Simplicity 3966.  It is a  Built by Wendy pattern.

I think this pattern my be out of print.  I started this one a while ago and it has been hanging on the back of my door.  What do I need to finish it? Just bias wigan for the hem.  I have the lining made – in fact, its pinned in the coat and the buttons are waiting – patiently – in the pocket to be sewn on.  Now that is cold here – I could be wearing this!  I bought the fabric from Fabric Land (Orange, CA) at one of their sales.  It is a wool blend and unravels A LOT!  I should have underlined it, but didn’t.  Since it unravels so well. It is a tad bit shorter then I had planned.


So here are two of several ( I hate to mention the exact number of unfinished projects) that I plan on finishing this coming year.   In the meantime, I hope everyone regardless of what holiday you celebrate, has a Joyous Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year!


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