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November 23, 2008 by Janna Roznos

I made this shirt (Mc Calls 2447) for my DH.  We bought this fabric in Hawaii at Fabric Mart in downtown  I made this as a surprise for DH’s birthday.  Since I was not able to measure DH prior I had to flat measure one of his other shirts that fit DH so that I could purchase the correct size.  This was really not a problem since my DH happens to love wearing Hawaiian print shirts.  However, he wears only one brand Reyn Spooner (which are manufactured in Hawaii) and my DH has quite a collection of them, too.

Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirts are essentially pattern-less – meaning that the pattern flows across the shirt without being interrupted by the pocket or the button placket.  I did try to plan this shirt that way; however I wasn’t as successful as I would of liked.  The button placket does not match as well as I would hope.  But being my first attempt at this pattern I think I can do better next time.  More important my DH wears this shirt!  It fits great!  And what better compliment can one receive from their sewing then having the recipient wear what you have made!  Just a quick pic of the DH’s closet.  See waht I mean.  If you haven’t looked into a Reyn Spooner for your DH, then you should.  The irony of this whole Hawaiian shirt wardrobe is that my DH never even owned one of these shirts until he met me! 

DH's Closet


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